Why Not take Advantage Of The Current Interesting Times


Why not take advantage of the current "interesting" times?

With interest rates at their historical lowest in many decades, now could be an ‘Interesting’ time to spend those funds sitting in your bank earning very little interest.

Not to waste money of course, but to invest in a bigger and brighter home which will undoubtedly increase further in value when the inevitable recovery in house prices comes along, as you know it must and eventually will!

Equally, if you’re considering a loan to extend or revamp your home, now is a good time to secure the funding before interest rates go up, as it is being predicted that they will, possibly in May.

A loft conversion, extension or a revamp of the kitchen or bathroom can add value to your largest asset and save you the stress of searching for and going through the lengthy process of house sales and purchase, not to mention the actual move.

We’re not saying that having work done on your existing home won’t involve some short-term upheaval, but that’s where we come in.

At Footings Direct we do everything to make the process as smooth and efficient as possible.

We can manage the whole project for you from the initial design stage through planning permission (if needed) and ensuring your plans comply with building regulations.

Then, once you have a feasible plan, we will manage the whole project for you, from talking to any neighbours who might be affected, to ensuring the supplies are ordered and delivered as they are needed and carrying out the work to the highest possible standards.

What’s more we offer a guaranteed fixed price contract in writing, with no hidden extras.

Interested? Why not give us a call for an initial discussion of what you have in mind and an idea of likely costs so that you can take advantage of the current low interest rates.