Design Services

Footings Direct Ltd can offer a complete design and build service offering advice where required to guide you through all stages of your build.

We liaise with planning departments, building control and structural engineers to deliver a stress free building experience.

Our vision is to make Footings Direct Ltd a leading builder in new homes specialising in concept and design from the ground up. In so doing, there are some fundamental qualities which our company values most highly and which we continually strive to promote. These values comprise creativity, determination, commitment, integrity, ingenuity and respect. Such values permeate every aspect of our company – from the way we run our business and treat our staff, to how we work with our clients for mutual advantage and to contribute to the betterment and protection of our environment.

Excellence in design is our continual aim, but we believe that this is successfully achieved when it arises from a deep understanding of the issues reached only after an informed and close dialogue with our clients which reflects the needs and aspirations of the home owner and their environmental needs as opposed to a simple reliance on appearance alone.

A key aspect of this is our aim of being socially and environmentally responsible in our work. Footings Direct Ltd policy seeks to consciously create and promote ‘forward looking’ designs/processes – that optimize the use of innovative technology and material sustainability to help conform to the more demanding standards that continue to evolve.

Professionalism in the way we approach each project is of paramount importance to us. Our goal is a satisfied client