Which different ways can i convert my loft?

Most properties have loft spaces that potentially can be converted to gain extra space and further enhance your home.

We offer a full design and build service dealing with every application required to complete your project.

If you are considering a conversion please feel free to call our office and arrange an appointment.

Flat or pitched roof dormer conversion

A dormer conversion will add maximum head room to your proposed loft.

We offer a wide variety of external finishes to sympathetically match the property.

Preferred finishes tend to be rendered, tile hung or composite cladding. In most cases we recommend maintenance free applications.

Flat or pitched roof dormer conversion

Mansard conversion

mansard conversion

A mansard conversion is often more expensive than other conversions because of the extensive construction work required.

However, it will maximise your loft space and create the feeling of a full storey conversion.

Velux conversion

This is the most economical conversion available and can provide much needed space to those on a budget.

These conversions can normally be completed without planning permission.

Velux Conversion

Attic truss conversion

Attic trusses are for detached properties with existing limited loft space.

These pre fabricated trusses will replace your existing roof trusses and provide the solution to a nonexistent loft space.

This may seem extreme, however It’s a relatively quick and easy series of applications.

Hip To Gable

Most end of terraces, semi-detached and detached houses have traditionally been built with a ‘Hipped’ style roof . This is where the roof slopes in at the side and will restrict the loft space.

By changing the roof slope from a hip to gable end, the wall can be built up vertically, we are able to extend the roof across to its full width and with the addition of a dormer the loft space is fully extended.

Hip to Gable